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Dual light sources (sort of)

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  • Dual light sources (sort of)

    Hey, howdy!

    I don't post here nearly as often as I should, but I'm trying to get better at using light sources. The most recent two pages of my comic have a "lava"-esque light source (from below), as well as a "portal" light source (and one from a holographic projection).

    Am I representing the light sources correctly? I'm still kind of new to using color (I've been strictly greyscale for years) and not sure if it reads correctly.

    Any and all input is appreciated! Thanks!
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    Hi bob

    I think that you've tackled the yellow lava lightsource well in the first page -- but the blue light source at the top of the page seems a bit forgotten? It seems like it should be quite a strong lightsource -- but it doesn't seem to be affecting much in the room/chamber.

    I'm sure one of the colourists on here will give you better crits than that tho...
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      Bob! Great to see you again - I'm way behind on my 'Pie. For light sources, looks like you're ready to level up to Color Holds. There's a thread about it here, and Ink gives a great description below of the method that I use. Basically, instead of a black line giving off blue light, it will be a blue or white light giving off blue light, and is much more convincing. It will work magic with your holograms.

      Originally posted by Inkthinker
      I separate my line art to a transparent Layer... once you've done that, you can lock the Transparency of the line art and do pretty much anything you please with it... color it with brushes, gradients, blur it, delete a part or the whole of it.

      Simple process for placing the lines on a transparent Layer (Photoshop):

      Begin with B&W line art

      Make Image Mode Greyscale

      Select Channel (hold Ctrl and click the Grey Channel)

      Invert Selection (so that it encompasses only the line art)

      Create New Layer

      Fill Selection with Black

      Delete (or fill with white) the Background Layer)

      Convert to RGB or CMYK mode for coloring, place all color Layers beneath the line art Layer.

      Now the line art is protected by it's separation. If you want to color the lines or otherwise edit them, you can duplicate the line art Layer, hide one and mess with the other.
      Also, another great trick is to use a brush the same color as your light source but at 50% transparency. Use it to paint highlights from the light source for a very convincing effect.
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        Thanks for the crit's, guys!

        Beastie- That's what I was afraid of. I'm kind of a chicken when it comes to highlights and super-dark shadows (notice the lack of black-inked shadows). Thanks for helping me see the light (pun intended). I'll see if I can tweak that page when I add this week's update!

        Mase- that tutorial is SUPER handy; it's my new favorite piece of coloring knowledge! I've seen it done in comics all the time, I just couldn't figure out how to do it (through tutorial searches) because I didn't know what it was called!

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