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  • Brock Color Pencil Study

    Here is a portrait of my boyfriend Brock
    Comments please!

    This was done with colored pencil and marker for the background. It was drawn freehand without a grid or projection.
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    Is this photo referenced? The drawing is good , hard to critique because we dont know what he reall looks like.

    It looks really good. His shoulders should come out some.
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      Thank you ^_^ I posted a photo now, so that should make things better.


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        It's a good pic. It not only looks like your boy, but you managed to capture whatever emotion he's emulating in the picture. (I'm being vague because I don't know, coy? frightened? eh) And I really like the colors you did. Kind of adds a little magic spice in there.

        I might suggest working on hair a bit more since that's really the only element that's wholly flat and almost lifeless.

        Otherwise, he better be happy with this picture or he's not worth it. Or something...good job!
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          very spot on. good push pull relationship with the colors


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            It's pretty good from reference. Just be mindful in future of eye placement. It happens a lot because of our intuitive need to balance eyes out on a page. Heck, I still do it.

            Check the angles of his lips, nose and jaw to compare to and you will see what I mean. A little more pinkish hues on the lighter parts of his face and neck will work nicely to offset the abundance of green.

            Other than that, good job.


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              good likeness, cool choice of colors. i think the hair could have been rendered a little tighter, but still pretty sweet overall.


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                Thanks for the suggestions and for saying it looks good I see the mistake I did with the eyes..I never noticed that before, now I'll keep that in mind. Also, I see the dullness in his hair...I'll try and fix it.


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