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  • barbarian huntergirl

    i drew that in about an hour

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    Where are her feet?

    If you HAD drawn her feet -- her bow would not be resting on the ground - so it kinda looks like she's gingerly dangling it in front of herself.

    I like some of the design elements you've thrown in there. She feels like a native American Indian / Samurai / Elf. I like it
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      thanks, you'r right! when no one see you'r works, you will never see that kind of details
      PS. i draw her for some kind of mixed up fantasy universe


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        yes, draw pages of feets and hands so you're never scared of them!

        I agree with Beastie, the design is good looking. Your renbering and anatomy is sectionally good. What i mean is that parts of her, if she was shopped up, look fine. But as she's put together whole where they join it looks fairly wrong.

        Her arms and colarbone-up all fit together really well, but the torso they're sitting on doesn't seem to work with them. Same with her hips and legs. They're pretty nice but they don't meet the rest of the body very well.

        Keep up the good work, you've got the pieces, just gotta fit them together.

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          thanks Matt, i'll work on it


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            i think she needs a tad more hips, and her upper torso might be a bit long, but im ot sure, something is just wrong with her mid section


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              I think it's pretty obvious she's standing in the snow guys.

              I like the thought you put into all of the little details. However she seems to be baring a lot of skin for someone wearing fur boots and a fur shaul(?). It gives the impression that it is cold, at least it does to me.
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                i pretty much agree with what has been said above.. for me, just take more time in drawing and not hurrying up to finish in the shortest amount of time.



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