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The Angel Commission Part 2

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  • The Angel Commission Part 2

    A little while ago I posted a couple of Angelic figure sketches for your review to give me some pointers, Unfortunatly I totally changed the figure from a flying pose to a standing pose, sorry. I'll include the original sketches as well.

    And the finished product.

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    Freaking Awesome! do you have a sketch of the new pose?


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      Yeah, but 3 images is the max I can post on this thread...


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        Originally posted by neilchenierart View Post
        Yeah, but 3 images is the max I can post on this thread...
        That's three separate images for separate crits. You can post more to show development of a single piece.


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          the original pose was more dynamic,but the finished product is very should try finishing the original concept....i imagine it would look amazing

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            That finished piece is easily worthy of an "Image" title pinup page... nice work! My ONLY criticism, and it's a small one, is that her neck is just a little too narrow... like I said, it was a minor criticism

            I'd love to see this one inked and colored, too!


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              The details are great, bt there are a few issues:

              The waist is a little thin.

              The lower part of the back leg is missing the front leg wouldn't cover it totaly and there proabablt be some ripples in the water from it.

              The wings don't look like they connect to her body on evenly either side of her back. I'm not sure that makes sence, but she should be more to the right for the wings to look like they're comming from her.

              The sword, water, and steam/background stand out a little because they're not up to the level of detail as the rest of the piece.

              Just thought i'd point out a few knit-picky things, cause you've obviously got a lot of the details and anatomy down. Keep up the good work.
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                awesome. I like the way you went from the first two.


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