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wolverine vs hulk!!! plus more =D

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  • wolverine vs hulk!!! plus more =D

    wolverine vs hulk

    blood born page 4

    blood born page 5

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    The pages are really nice . The style in your pages is your strength over the way you did the Wolverine/Hulk pic .

    It really looks like two different artists at work . The pages are great the pin-up is alright but not nearly as impressive .


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      thanks for that dogsoldier =D


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        interestingly enough I would say the opposite of Dogsoldier.

        I find that your pin-up has lots of energy and feeling. The setup is very solid the anatomy is solid. It seems more thought out than your sequentials. Wolv and Hulk have thier own attitude.

        However it does seem very reminisant of Leniel Yu's work in how you portray the Hulk and the general rendering for the pin-up piece which I like but I don't know if thats your style. I do agree with DogSoldier that they both have thier own style to them. I just don't know which one is yours.

        About the sequentials my first question would be did you ink this yourself?
        Because if your pencils look like the pin-up then your inks need some work to match the caliber of your pencils.

        The first page needs a better establishing shot. They come out of the elevator into a new enviroment and you dont show what that new setting is. Following that with blank backrounds leaving us guessing where this is taking place till the last two panels on the next page where that part of the story ends.

        The second page is MUCH better than the first. It flows nicely and you have some great drama going on. The first page is more labored in its flow. btw the shadow tangent from the 1st pg 2-3 panels is a bit annoying. I really do love the secong pag tho'

        Great stuff all in all! Can't wait to see you posting more around the boards!
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          Yeah, the pencils are flat-out stronger than the inks. More confident, more precise, and ultimately stronger. The inks are a bit watery and lose a lot of the details that really make your pencils sing!
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            Love the pencil drawing -- and the little scrapes wolvie has inflicted on Hulk's body
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              veinwork in hulk hand excellent
              but maybe Wolvie's hand is a little small? He's gotta lotta ironmongery to store up there....


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                thanks for your tip dude!! really appreciate it. LOL


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                  I've got to agree with Doggystylesoldier - your pages are your strong point.
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