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    Originally posted by dfbovey View Post
    I like the warped perspective. Very clean lines too. It works very well!

    There are some issues with some of the hands. The guy's left hand in the middle for example is huge for example. I also wish that you had more room on the page to draw further down to extend the composition. I feel the same guy's legs are cropped awkwardly.
    I'm glad you like the perspective, Dave! It was my first time working with 3 point perspective and I think I chose the vanishing points a little too close but I did follow Inkthinkers rule and put the horizon and all vanishing points out of the picture. I will see if I can add some more to the bottom of the picture without crossing the horizon too much. Looking back, I should have probably chosen a slightly lower horizon and further VPs. Anyway, live and learn. I think I will use 3 point again when I do Spider-Man for our challenge

    I will definitely fix the hand. Thanks for taking the time to crit!
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      Originally posted by Telekinetic Ketchup View Post
      just gotta ask, whichever one is your favorite I'm sure Slam'd do it he's a real nice son of a bitch. And I'm quite sure I'd do it aswell I'm a nice guy deep down (probably)
      That sounds like an "I'll do it". Thanks!!! :
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        Dude, great work. Although as I stated last year work on those faces! The hair now looks great particularly on the leftmost figure. Now I'm not saying the faces look bad, they look great- for the most part, you're still putting the eye 2/3s up the head when it should be 9 times out of 10 be halfway on the head. Great work otherwise, I know I'd never try that angle. Not yet.
        Sorry, no time to talk. I'm busy drawing my books and stories! ;P


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          Thanks, sadman! I'm sure I put the eyes much higher than 2/3s. Oh you should totally try that angle. It's so much fun! I haven't erased that much in a loooong time lol. Really. Try it.
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