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  • mascots

    So the school where I work needed some new House/Faction/Division/whatever mascots, so they asked me to develop some. Since I don't draw *that* well, we got Randy Kintz to draw them up and I did the colours!

    So here they are - sorry about the watermark but there's some 'propriety' on these images of course!

    They are the "Flame Phoenix's", the "Pine Lions" and the "Jacaranda Roos" for those who care. Initially, each will individually be made into a 6 foot high banner/poster for the gym wall on a plain white background and then later used for anything to identify with the houses here at the school. (I just grouped them here for a preview picture)

    ..and I know the lighting isn't the best, especially on the flame phoenix but otherwise he'd be nothing but a big blob of orange, which is somethnig we didn't want, plus there are printing limitations apparently... *shrugs - dunno what, but that's what I was told*... so I had to keep them relatively simple overall.

    Still, if there's anything 'glaringly wrong' then I'd like to know as we/I simply *have* to get these right as they'll be the mascots for the school for ever and a day, plus I'll have to look at them everytime I go into the gym here at work! :P

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    great colours, very vibrant.
    would love to know how you approach your choice of pallete.

    My only gripe would be the fact that the side characters don't seem to be affected by the flames in any way. i.e. there's no light on them.
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      My only gripe would be the fact that the side characters don't seem to be affected by the flames in any way. i.e. there's no light on them.
      He said each one is going to be on a separate banner so I don't think the lighting on the other mascots is a problem.

      Anyway it looks pretty good. There's nothing "glaringly wrong" with them from what I can tell. I think the only advice ( and this is strictly an opinion ) is that as far as I know about mascots they should be simple and identifiable. So if it were me I'd simplify the phoenix a bit more. Maybe make it more bird like and add the flames in strategic positions rather than make almost his entire body out of flames. However as I said before that's just an opinion, I don't know what stipulations you had to work with so maybe this is just what they were looking for. In any event I think you did a great job with the colouring on his flames.

      As for the other two they look great as well. Again as an opinion I would say put some claws on Mr. Lion's fingers and maybe if you guys have house logos to throw them on the shirts or if you don't you could always try making one up.

      All in all though, if I had to hire someone to make mascots for my alma mater I'd hire you and your artist Nice work !
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        A few little notes from me.

        First off, and this may simply be my opinion, but it really seems like the Phoenix overshadows the other two. Not just because it's in the foreground, but also because it's on freakin' fire, and the other two just can't compete with that.

        Second, sometimes it is useful to have a smaller logo, for patches on jerseys or logos on ballcaps or football helmets or something like that. Each of the character's heads, isolated, could work well for that sort of thing. But you can cross that bridge once you get to it.

        As far as the art itself, I think it looks pretty amazing on the whole. Although I would agree that the lion be given some claws. The 'roo could stand to be turned to face forward instead of off to one side too. But these are pretty minor things, and there isn't really anything majorly wrong it them.
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          cool stuff, reminds me of the mascots.

          I've been drawing a few elementary school mascots this week for the sign company i work for.
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