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2 Self Portraits

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  • 2 Self Portraits

    These were for class. 2 of my finals for drawing class. Both are done on Bristol smooth. The first with art pencils ranging from varying degrees. The second using two mechanical pencils with two different lead degrees.

    From mirrior. Neck's too long, eyes don't match up, nose seems a bit small and odd. Rushed the hair. Size of the facial features don't really match up with the size of the head, at least to me it doesn't seem so. Anything else you see?

    From picture. I didn't feel like doing a photorealistic rendering, which happened to get me a B- >
    I liked it more than the first. picture I used.

    Comments or crits would be nice. Thanks for lookin'.

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    Don't be so hard on yourself. I love these pics, man.

    A self portrait shouldn't have to look like a photograph. Your style is good. Your technique is there too. The bottom one I like for the angle and it's uniqueness and the top one because my eyes just zero in on the face. I can connect with the eyes. It's quite good.

    Thanks for sharing such a personal view.


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      The finals were supposed to realistic, preferably photorealistic. It was an elementary drawing class at the community college I attend. Teacher didn't like the stark white on the second one. Oh well, I'm pleased with it, and the class was enjoyable and helpful. Thanks for the kind words.


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        Yo. I like the first one a lot more as a portrait. I see the relation to you a lot more, the jaw is a little wide though. Other than that i ono..The second one is good, but i dont think it captures you as well. However i like the jaw for some reason, GJ. Keep up the good work.


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          .....this post is 4 years old.


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