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  • Elektra WIP finished

    Street Fight vs. Thordad

    Some of you, like Beastie and Popninja already told me that she looks a bit butch but I had to go with the look which differs enormously from the original assassin look.

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    well unless that rifle is supposed to be just leaning agisnt
    her back ya might whant to put a strap on it.and you have her
    left hand with the trigger all the way if fireing ,if the gun was empty the slide would be locked back.alsothe desert
    eagle is very big gun and would stick out from the bottom of her hand.
    i really like to persecptive though.nice work




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      there's a tiny little strap but I guess it's to tiny to see it.
      damn I'm not wel versed in weaponology, I once fired an air rifle but that's all
      thanks for the advice brokenhill
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        You have amazing detail in her face, capturing her defiant attitude. I would liked to have seen the same level of detail in the rest of the body. The lines are wobbly and sketchy, they convey a soft form. I think if the rest of the upper body was as rendered as well as the face this would be a great piece of art.

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          kinda reminds me of eliza dushku the other vamp slayer from buffy(sorry if i spelled it wrong) i like it.
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            The left part of the face, her right, looks flat, and I'm not sure why. It could be that unlike the rest of her face, which is beautifully rendered, you pulled back on the details, but there is a lack of depth there that is necessary for this angle to work. Right now it looks like she has a really big flat cheek. It could also be the angle of her lip on that side pulling the cheek down too far. I'm being picky here, but do you know what I'm talking about? Its beautiful otherwise.
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              Watch the use of that Tim Bradstreet-ish hatching. On a guy it'd be fine, but with female characters, the less sharp details the better. She looks like she's got hair on her chin, chest, and arms to me.
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