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young supes' joyride

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  • young supes' joyride

    kinda smallville-ish clark still enjoying flying. added some quick colors. nothing to say that it is superman tho. just a generic sketch of flight.


    colors... mostly flats

    By jigsaw808[/IMG]

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    Very dynamic pose. I like the GL sweatshirt. Impressive work on the clothing, especially the jacket. And I admire seeing the sketch process with the hint of the barn. Also, great relaxed use of color.
    Great job as a whole. I hope to see the finished product.
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      thnx for the thumbs up aj. im usually not very good w/ clothing. ill prolly flesh out that barn cause it needs more reference for depth imo. and i think i wanna lighten up the blacks on the white tshirt. white to black is too much contrast i think... trying to think of how i can make this fun w/ the background.


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        Is it just me or are his legs too thin? He has very broad shoulders and I'm not convinced that he'd get that thin by the ankles- even given the perspective.

        I can't say for sure on technicalities though. I'm a hack, not an artist. Anyone can feel free to tell me I'm talking balls.


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          Could be a style choice, I've seen a few artists do the same. Doesn't bother me but the perspective could be pushed a bit more. Keep up the good work!!!
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            Neat piece. My only problem with it is that his legs look way too long, even for foreshortening.
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