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    Hello PencilJack, I've been visiting for a while now and finally got enough nerve to post something, the background i got off google just changed the hue, the rest is pencil to inkscape and abit of photoshop.

    I feel I shouldn't have added the energy charged hand, now that I look at it, it may be difficult to make out what its meant to be.

    anyways... here it is. (character look is based off me)

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    Not to seem harsh but you have too many elements that kinda don't mesh going on. The background, character, and the hand charge. Maybe it's just my personal preference but the background probably should have a "painted" look to match the character, like an animation cell. Welcome to Pencil Jack, keep posting! This is a great place to learn from other creative artists!
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      what is his hand doing?

      interesting style, althought the photograph bg doesnt work with the character
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        I think you rely a bit too heavily on photoshop to covey things for you, like with the charged up hand or the using a picture as a background, I mean the character itself is pretty good if not a bit static but the background and the hand just completely clash because the majority of them is created from photoshop filters.

        well done on the character though like I said.
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          thanks all, i'm gona keep at it.


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            Welcome, this is definitely a great place to learn and grow. The character looks good, a little flat but its a good start. Like everyone else said, the hand and that background are too much.
            Me personal with your toon I would go with something more basic for the background, something that doesnt distract from your toon.
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              Good start! Let's see some more. Post some pencils and maybe some sketches too. We will help you as best as we can
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                Welcome to penciljack.

                Everything that I would say has already been said. Look forward to seeing more from you.
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                  Why use the background at all? It shows nothing of your artistic talents and it doesn't work with the standing pose of your character. Now he is just floating there in space. I like the character but I think you should thicken up the line work and definitely spend just a little more time making the sneakers look more believable.
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