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    zenwave twit da space twart

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    Nicely done. I wish there was more cape - maybe billowing up behind him. I really dig these high contrast pics you've been posting!
    Cheers, Alex


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      I like this one a lot, except his hand. I know its anatomically correct but it doesnt look right.
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        Badass man! Very gritty.
        Yeah the hand is a little weird looking, I think the angle of the fingers with the palm is too important, and the shadows don't help...

        There is also something bothering me a little with the face, the features don't seem placed properly. Mainly, I think the mouth is too low, or maybe it's only the corners, but he seems to have more of an Hulk fave than Bruce Wayne...

        Still really dig the pic, and I love the sharp geometric edges you use for your shadows.


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          Hey thanks for the comments guys!

          I don't know what to tell you all. All the features here in this pic was drawn purposefully, not by accident. I'm not saying this to be an egoist, really, but just to say that I think your comments cover stylistic aspects of the drawing which I drew as shown by choice. I did not draw them that way because I don't know how to draw Batman. I hope, anyway.

          Huerta - He's got a kind of a claw in that hand. It's supposed to hearken to a kind of a gunslinger in a standoff pose.

          Thanks again.
          zenwave twit da space twart


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            I don't mind the lack of cape. I love the lost edges on the shoulder and want to see that happen again on the light side of the hand. The face is awesome.


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              Originally posted by Musashi View Post
              Hey thanks for the comments guys!

              I did not draw them that way because I don't know how to draw Batman. I hope, anyway.
              Hope I didn't come accross as implying that, as that's never what I meant. And I know your record well enough to be aware that you know what you're doing usually

              That might be a stylistic issue indeed. With a closer look though, what I meant is that Batman is slightly bending his head forward, so there should be IMO a little foreshortening going on... and the mouth should point a little more upwards (I can do an overlay if you want).
              But it's not distracting. This was me nitpicking a little to make this badass image even better.



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                Porpitude, I was actually going to leave implied edges all the way down his arm but it looked wrong to me so I inked it. I reasoned that there would be more shadow down his arm as a result of the cape partially blocking the light from over his left shoulder.

                Jel, it's great for you to offer an overlay. Please do it if you can 'cause I always want to make my pic better, especially in an area that I can't see.
                zenwave twit da space twart


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                  I like how his face is one side white, one side black, good and evil you know, but subtle. I too would like to see more cape but this pic IS great as it is too.


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                    I can see what you mean about gunslinger pose, but it isn't reading that well right now. I think it is coming off as misshapen more than "claw."


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                      Hey musashi.
                      I did an overlay, and it didn't change things much, so I tried to analyze what was bothering me by measuring proportions... and in the end the conclusion is that mainly I fell for an optical illusion due to the lack of borders on the sides of the face, which made the features appear too wide, or the head too narrow... ie I was wrong.
                      The eyes could be a little lower yes, but that's pretty much it, as you drew the head in a straight-on shot, and not slightly tilted forward as I initially thought.

                      The only real nitpick I could have is that the neck might be a little short, ie the head could be a litle higher.

                      Anyway, sorry for the false alarm.


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