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Blast from the Past: Hulk

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  • Blast from the Past: Hulk

    Old-timers like Dave and Morgan will remember this one. From the Hulk drawoff of 2002.

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    I own that Pic!!! I take it out and look at it from time to time, amazing work!


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      Some great detail on there.
      I'll have to fish to see the original picture you put up in 2002 to see the differences; I'm assuming you've since done a lot of pencil shading for this piece.


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        Morgan - haha I'm glad you like it, man.

        Wo-Nellie - You won't find it anymore but it's the same pic. I haven't done anything to this since then.
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          oo i remember that. i dont remember if i commented on it back then though
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          I miss when we all drew like Joe MAD and argued about the Matrix


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            Definitely interesting to see you handle toned work when your style is usually based on positive negative shapes in stark black and white.

            Definitely a blast from the past. That was a great draw off with El Diablo (Mark Brooks).

            My entry was complete garbage
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              You should be shot with infected needles for calling that garbage, but heh... We're all our own worst critic
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                Brooks won I believe and he made the announcement that he was no longer going to be involved in this site because he had just turned pro doing Spiderman books. Cool Pic Musashi, that right hand could use a bit o work


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                  Nice rendering!


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                    The left eye looks higher than the right.
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