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    I kind of have the opposite opinion that Dave has. I think the Thing is the prominent focal point in this piece with Namor taking a back seat along with everyone else. This being a Namor contest I would have questioned this approach. Doesn't take away from it being an amazing piece both compositionally and by execution.
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      Originally posted by Da-Dragonslayer View Post
      I think Namor pounded his head into his body.
      On the other side your insight on the piece is on point. Now we wait patiently for your piece.
      I posted mine a few days ago.
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        It's a very good drawing to be sure--good layout, nice dynamics, and great rendering too! I like the action of the drawing, and I'd say it's one of your strongest so far. Still, there are some trouble spots that probably need to be addressed, so I'll point out a few things.

        Namor's left arm is outstretched, gripping the Thing's wrist. When the arm is outstretched in this manner the bicep will be stretching and elongating, not contracting as you have depicted here, even if Namor is flexing the muscle it will be elongated. Only when the elbow is bent will the bicep contract.

        The lighting is inconsistent in places. If there is a dark shadow on the side of Ben's head, then it stands to reason that there should also be dark shadows on the bottom right side of Ben's left arm and on the right side of his right arm too. Also Namor should be casting a shadow onto Ben, given that the Torch is right behind him. Namor's nose would probably be casting a shadow to the left side of his face, etc. It's really important that you figure the lighting out ahead of time and make efforts to keep things consistent.

        Be careful with the Thing's head. Yeah, Ben doesn't have much of a neck, but Ben's head in your drawing looks to be too narrow from the side and too submerged into his torso, which gives him an uncomfortable whiplash victim look.

        Here's a suggestion that I'll make to you regarding drawing the Thing: Try to vary the sizes of the rocks on Ben's skin a little more. Many of the rocks on the upper arms, shoulders and torso are rather similar in size and shape, giving him sort of a uniform look that's not far removed from the look of scale mail armor (like the mail worn by the modern Captain America). A little variation of the rock sizes and shapes will give Ben's flesh a less uniform and more familiar look. I also suggest that you don't be afraid to draw a few of the rocks fairly large.

        Jack Kirby was the original master at drawing Bashful Benji. The variation of the rocks was one of his tricks:

        One of my favorite Ben Grimm artists is Steve Rude, whose work was heavily influenced by Jack Kirby, Alex Toth and Andrew Loomis. Check out the way Steve handles Ben's rocky hide. Notice the variation of the rocks of Ben's skin:

        Bruce Timm is another great Thing artist who used the size and shape variation:

        Mike Wieringo also used the Kirby trick of varying the size and shapes of the rocks:

        Anyway, I hope my comments are helpful, Alex, and good luck in the draw-off! Keep up the great work, man.




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          Your comments are always helpful Loston. I agree 100% with everything you mentioned. Really, my limited time hampered this piece, especially with the lighting. Regarding the Thing's rocks, I know I over-render everything and the artist whose Thing I was thinking of as I drew this was Art Adams. I know it's folly to do what he does, but his style was the biggest influence on this piece (for the Thing, anyway). Really, I love Byrne's Thing, but I wasn't referencing anyone's art when I drew this - if I had I would've aped Byrne's style for the Thing for certain.

          Again, thanks for the continued comments.
          Cheers, Alex


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            i think this looks great. i wish i could even half as well as you....


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              Thanks richster! Just work on it man - I try to draw every day and my art has excelled tremendously in the one year I've been posting on PJ. Having a community to provide crits is the best resource ever.
              Cheers, Alex


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                Really nice stuff. I won't add anything with regards to the lighting and rendering. I think that's pretty much been covered. The one thing I'll add is to mind your negative space. Right now everything in this piece is clustered together and there's not much room to breathe. However, from what I can see you've tried to give the piece a foreground, mid and background with Namor/Thing as foreground, Reed and the rest of the FF as mid and the sky as background. You can use negative space to separate the elements and make each element read as distinct entities, easily distinguishable at first glance. That's a long-winded way of saying it would help this piece if you gave Reed and Namor more space in between.
                Also, another thing is that you're messing up your line of motion by having Johnny up there in the top left coming into the picture at a different angle. I think it'd enhance the feeling of motion and power in this piece if you have him flying in a similar line as the others.

                I've included a quick rough edit to show what I mean.
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                  So where are Namors wrist bands? Nice stuff keep at it.


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                    Um, whoops.
                    Cheers, Alex


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                      Loving the detail of the Thing!! Awesome-ness!
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