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    This was something that was supposed to be just a sketch for a friend but in the early stages I realized it had some real potential so I pushed it farther and just chalked the extra work as a First Father's Day gift for him. Pencilled, inked and colored by me.

    Crits welcomed as always

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    Nice GL, i like yer spattered starfield.

    I feel a bit bad for his broken ankle though, that's a very hard angle for the foot to pull off. For the foot to be in that position you'd really need to roll his knee out to the side a bit and change the way the leg's bending to kinda the opposite of what it is now.

    Aside from that you missed an opportunity for some secondary lighting on his left side. You've got the linework in there for it, you coulda just dropped in something against all the green.

    good work.

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      I dig it. and dont feel bad about missing the second ight source i do it all the time. Its a good piece overall.
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        Thanks, guys. I kept arguing with that ankle. I did some adjustments between the pencils an inks but not enough. I might go back to try to add the second light. Thanks for the crits!


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