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  • Venom

    My entry to Sketch Paddys this week.
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    Those windows must have taken you forever!

    There's some really nice rendering in this pic. Cool stuff.

    I don't really think you made the most of the composition with this though. You've clearly spend a lot of time and effort drawing the background - and it should give us the impression of a sprawling cityscape. However, boxing it into that darkly bordered panel really quashes that feeling of it being a 'wide open space'.

    To add to this, the figure of Venom is also squashed into this dark panel. His head almost touches the top of the panel and his foot DOES touch the bottom. For me, that placement and heavy panel are, to some extent, stopping your image from breathing and feeling open.

    Hope that makes sense.
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      yeah got to agree with beastie evrything is well rendered but the composition is weaked but the closenes of the figure to border. If you extend the bottom just a bit to give him room and then the top about a quarter more height it will really open up the feeling of space.
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        Very nice rendering, background is awesome.

        I agree about the composition. Will ad that the figure is a bit too centered as well. If he was off to the right side a bit more with more open space to his left... it would give you more of a "take on the world" feel to it.

        Still pretty awesome.
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          man this is pretty cool! I second that about the windows, that looks like it took a lot of time!


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            The only thing i could say is less buildings seems congested mabie the one to the far left. I have to admire what effort you put into it gorgous backround. Just dont forget texture.


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              I think (besides the above mentioned) that the tentacle/symbiot goo/stuff coming from his head/neck seems a little weird, almost like it's not connected to him...but all in all I can see you put a lot of time and effort into this piece and it looks really nice.
              I'm're welcome...


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