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Mini Dump (Conan, Fish Super hero, Cabaret Dancer)

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  • Mini Dump (Conan, Fish Super hero, Cabaret Dancer)

    Fish guy Superhero... learned from Madureira comics and my homeboy from Middle school (JWJ all day) so the lines are a little familar. Eyes are a little recessed. I think it looks pretty good. Corel 3/Wacom Bamboo/ Adobe Photo Elements 5

    Conan the Barbarian little head close up. I thought the stylized version from Adobe looked better so here it is. Corel 3/Wacom Bamboo/ Adobe Photo Elements 5

    Very old but I like it...I was going for an old French poster look with flat colors getting precedent over details... Corel 4 (back when I had the free trial-PLEASE DON'T ACT LIKE I'M THE ONLY ONE EDITING THEIR REGISTRY EVERY 90 days lol)

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    I like what you were going for on the last one, you should try expanding on that picture and make it more finished.

    If I had one suggestion, it would be to stay away from basic filters in Photoshop (lens flares, inverse filters, etc.,) since in most cases it doesn't really add anything aesthetically appealing to an image.


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      I agree with Keith about the photoshop filters. They're quite fun to play with when you first discover them - but EVERYONE can always identify them in an image - and, to be blunt, they can have the effect of 'cheapening' an image.

      I'm sure that, as you become more familiar with the software, you'll stop using the filters so regularly.
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        You know how it is're sitting with your wacom and pencil so long in front of a particular picture and when it's done you think it just looks plain so you go and do some playing around to make it look different.

        Thanks for the compliment on the dancer poster. I don't really know what to add other than to fix up the shadow and maybe some french style poster font and border.

        What do you think needs to be done to it to finish it?


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          O n the poster, nice colors by the way, look at Lautrec before you pick a font. You may decide to hand letter. Try to have the figure and lettering balance each other out.

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            p.s. the poster is huge btw that's the reason I didn't do the full image


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              I checked that out and that's pretty looks like he/she used layering alot not necessarily perspective but layering I like it..


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                here's another one I did to practice making a tattoo

                the girl sprung up from there...well aware that it's in progress but honestly it's finished because I'm not doing anything else...

                yes I know lens flare lol


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                  Awesome view I love women with figures like this. One thing I have noticed about Lautrec is he uses different colors to outline different figures in the front say a dark red. And in the back he may use a midtone green . That may help with choosing the font colors too.
                  “I don't mind you thinking I'm stupid, but don't talk to me like I'm stupid” Harlan Ellison


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