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  • Luthor

    here's Lex not getting his hands dirty. Enjoy.

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    I like this illustration, but I have a couple nitpicks in an effort to provide you with some constructive criticism. First of all, I think the scene is interesting and nicely conceived from a layout standpoint. The catwalk observation deck seems very much in-character for Lex--he's just the kind of arrogant criminal mind who'd build one of those....but I think he should fire his contractor because the railing on the catwalk doesn't make much sense. Heh. Honestly, it is visually confusing to me. I think that stems from a little weirdness with the perspective there, Dancingdoorguy. I feel like the railing perspective is really throwing things off there--like the top part of the railing should have been higher than the round platform that Luthor is standing on. As it is, there is kind of M.C. Escher thing going on there that's a little odd.

    My favorite part of the illustration is the cross-hatching along the sky's horizon. It creates a nice hazy, atmospheric nadir in the distance. I dig that.

    I do wish you'd have used a straight edge on the buildings though. Their wobbly and sloppy windows detract from the image's overall credibility, IMO. I'm all for the look of a spontaneous and organic line, but it's okay to use a ruler or straight edge when drawing buildings, because building architecture and other such man-made objects qualify as "mechanical", and the use of straight-edges, templates, etc can make such things more believable to the audience. Also be careful with the perspective. Most of your perspective here is actually pretty good, but a few of the rooftops seem to be a little off or misaligned.

    Despite my nitpicks, I really do like this illustration. Luthor is clearly the statement area, regardless of all the other details, and that is everything in this drawing. There's a story being told here in this one single image is ensnaring--you've managed to build some intrigue for the viewers. I now want to know what has blown up/ or is burning in the distance. I want to know what diabolical scheme Luthor is unfolding on Metropolis and the Man of Steel. I find myself wonder when Superman is going to appear on the scene to confront his arch nemesis. You've managed an awful lot of successes with one single drawing, and these successes outweigh any of the minor criticisms I've put forth here. Overall this is nicely done!

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      This is the best thing posted on Penciljack on forever.
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        This has a lot of atmosphere to it. I really like it! With the catwalk, is it part metal and part glass with no railings? That's what it looks like to me. Not very safe especially for a man of Luthors value. One gust of wind that high up and...

        Nice touch tying the explosion to to what is in Lex's hand with some subtle color.
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          nice perspective and coloring, lex is clearly the focal point!


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            The perfect concept of Lex. Great work!
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              Loston's critique is spot on (as usual), and the perspective *is* indeed throwing me off. I thought, at first, that Luthor was standing looking out at a miniature city. Like the one from the new Supes movie.

              This is a great piece though. I love the color and the textures. Did you color over the title in the sky, or is it supposed to be so subliminal?
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                Hey all! Thanks for the responses... no really thanks. I really appreciate the time and effort. and even though I don't like to single out specific people, one response shines a little brighter then the others...So, thanks Paul M, I know it took a lot of time and energy for you to respond.
                ...jk, thanks Loston (do you pronounce that like boston? and if so, have you have thought about using that as a nick name? I'd be honored to start it.... Boston *wink*)

                lol... oh it's gunna be a silly day.
                "Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect."


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                  I have to say - I gotta disagree with Loston, as far as the windows go. I think the looseness works, on a stylistic level. Everything else though - well said. And Dancingdoorguy - I really dig your style!


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                    Between this and the Etrigan post I want to see some comic pages from ypu. Keep up the great work.
                    one question what pen are you using, or is this brush?
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                      P fang- thanks yo. I glad you like my work!

                      godwin- I've posted some pages in here before... where I don't remember, but there are here somewhere... (if you don't want to take the time to look here's my gallery ...enjoy)
                      "Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect."


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                        this is a really awsome pic. maybe putting "Lex Luther" in red to make it pop out
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