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    Did this for my PSF with Thordad...was gonna do her holding a detailed truck engine at first but, I didn't have enough time to devote to it so I just did an easier missle thingie instead.
    Also, paper started to warp..which can be seen around the missle in particular. Odd that it did that cause I didn't even do any heavy rendering.
    Thanks for looking. c/c welcome.

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    Heh That is p etty sweet.! I love your style.
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      Her head seems turned to nearly exorsist levels and her face seems to droop alot towards the bottom. But the rest looks great Especially the Rocket, kinda reminds me of Earthworm Jim or Warhammer 40K
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        Yeah beyond the broken neck, that rocks man.
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          Beautiful! I love Shehulk...there's just not enough of her out there.

          I'll echo the head remark. It looks like it has been cut and pasted on her shoulder.
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            Yep. Definitely the head.

            No real other crits. I think you could have rendered her a little less harshly so as to give her smoother features. Even though shes a muscle woman shes still got feminine features, but it's no biggie really.


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              Thanks for the comments.
              Yeah, the head thing sucks. It happens.
              I'm wondering if I erased part of her face, if it would make the head appear more turned and thus less off.....?

              Actually, nvm, I just tried it and it didn't make much of a difference...the structure is off so it will always be off. The only actual remedy would be to redo the whole head I think. Ah well, live and learn...I'm sure I'll keep this in mind next time.
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                Most excellent!Maybe if her head was looking more to the right with her left eye focused forward with a slight eyebrow raise?Again, great pic.
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                  Thanks for the suggestion.


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                    I think it is great! And you went with a tough pose - that rocks that you didn't just do a stail common pose - good stuff. 2 cents= maybe if her neck/shoulder was covering part of her chin/face it would look less like her whole head was turned and we were looking at her from the back?
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