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  • Scarecrow

    pencils by Tony Tzanoukakis, inks by Pendecon over on D/art, fan colours by me.

    If there's one thing I would dearly love inkers to do, and this is easy for digital inkers, and that is to put the 'smoke' outlines on a separate layer rather than have them all embedded in with the rest (same goes for rain btw...)

    For the smoke I can paint it in more effectively myself and just want the outline as a guide for where it goes. Then I usually want to erase the lines out completely, but I can't if it's all on the same inks layer.

    (For rain I'm just going to colour hold it so a separate layer makes that easy. Quelper did that for me on the recent Widowmaker pic)‚Äč
    I colour stuff...

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    Great colors as always! Interesting villain. Feels like a real mash-up of all the batman villains in one. I see bane, joker, scarecrow... also goblin and taskmaster.

    Good point there on digital inking and preemptive layering when intended for color.


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      Love these colors and the lineart goes great with it. Hella cool pic.
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