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United States Space Force -- Devolution --

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  • United States Space Force -- Devolution --

    For the Honor of the United States

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    From 10:00 to 6:00 it's kinda' cool but once we get to the girl it falls apart fast.

    Beware giraffe neck. There's a divot in the spot where your collar bones connect to the breast bone (clavicles and sternum to you anat-O-nerds) Place your finger tip in the divot and try to touch your chin to your chest. Note how your chin touches your chest at your finger tip, that divot is where chin and chest met. Your chin as drawn cannot touch the divot. You need to drop the head.

    The shoulder bone's connected to the elbow bone (sort of... eventually) IF the gun is centrally located in front of the breast bone, THEN the elbows will be symmetrically spaced forward and the elbow line will go to the same VP as the shoulders. IF one elbow is forward and the other is back THEN the gun shoulder drops as the clip shoulder rises and the gun now aligns with the clip shoulder.

    On a purely personal note, I'd strongly reconsider your tag line. You fight for right and freedom and honor will come from that. If honor is all you fight for, you're just a killer and a dishonorable one at that.


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      Something to consider. Thank you, Smitty.


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