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hulk vs wolverine

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  • hulk vs wolverine

    hi this is a remake of an old painting i did years ago i used clip studio thanks for any feedback

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    Hahaha, that's super fun man! Love your style!
    It's interesting that you mix sharp and flowing shapes so much, but you really put it together. The only thing I would have done differently is in their poses. Wolverine has a great pose, and I love the elongation in arms vs legs. You could have applied the same to the hulk and had his arms in a more sideways extended pose like with wolverine.
    Your toonsy style allows for a lot of room with how you treat anatomy, so this is really a side-note, but if i'm being strict you need to look more at how the chest and pectoral muscles attach over in the deltoids and arms. As it is you've sortof made it so he completely lacks shoulders, and his pectoral muscles attach up into his ears. Accentuating the shoulders and lengthening the arms + shortening the lower leg would make the style you drew wolverine in really go together with the hulk.
    Great job man! Once again, I like your style!


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      joakimhagstrom- thanks for the nice comments and good feedback with the critique


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        well wolverines proportions are dead on.


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