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    Wasn't sure exactly where to put this, but thought the board would find it cool like I did if you haven't seen it.

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    Very good analysis! They talked about aspects of the comic I did not consider.

    I always thought that part of the X-Men film was clever when Wolverine saves Rogue by kissing her. Very cool to see Paul had a part in the origin of that!


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      I’ve been waiting for them to do an episode of one of his comics. I really like the way he draws wolverine, back when he was a stout short guy and not a typical 6 foot like all the other heroes

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    This is great! I remember buying X-MEN issue 173 off of the spinner rack, and I read it in the car on the way home. I was 13 years old when it came out back in 1983, and this comic book really excited me like few others. I had not enjoyed this X-MEN this much since the Claremont/Byrne run--really not since issue #137, when Phoenix died on the Moon! I must have read this issue two dozen times over the next few months. I remember reading it on the sand bar near the swiming hole that I used to swim at, marveling at each and every panel! This issue really showed off Smitty's chops as a visual storyteller. The fight between Wolverine and the Silver Samurai was staged very cinematically. At this time, Frank Miller was doing similar things with panels in DAREDEVIL as well, so I was really into this issue! I was also into martial arts, so an issue set in Japan with ninja, samurai and the awesome Viper (now Madam Hydra, I guess) was something that wowed me. Rogue was the real hallmark of the issue though. She went from being one of those flunky villains that hounded characters like the Dazzler to being a character that suddenly had some depth. Paul drew here so beautifully too. She finally looked the age that she was supposed to be! A teenager! Everyone who drew her prior made her look like she was a 30 -40 year old! The white streak wasn't helping her case any, I guess. Heh. Paul gave her the youthful face that she should always have had. He took away the harshness. After reading this issue, I completely changed my mind about Rogue. She went from a not so interesting B-level villain with a personality like cardboard to being a character that I was suddenly rallying behind! I found myself feeling sorry for her, and I wanted the rest of the X-MEN to embrace her as a team member. As far as I'm concerned, Rogue was the last good X-MEN character added to the team from my favorite era of the magazine. So much of what won me over was Paul's amazing art! His ability to tell an exciting story, while helping to breathe life into the characters via the great expressions and body language in his figure work. In short, this issue inspired me to want to pursue a career in comics. A career as a professional illustrator. I had dreamed of being a comic book artist since I was a pre-schooler, but after this issue, I KNEW that there was no other pathway for me to seek. Smitty's understanding of storytelling and basic drawing is astoundingly good. All PJers have experienced this on these very boards. I'm very grateful to have exchanged artwork with him, and though I've never met him in-person, I'd be extremely happy to call him a friend. Thanks, Smitty, for inspiring a few knuckleheads like me to do better art, tell better stories, and to appreciate the fun side of drawing!
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