Writer Seeking Artist for Graphic Novel on the comedy team of Martin & Lewis

SIBJECT: Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis were the number one entertainers on stage and film for roughly ten years. They famously broke up circa 1957 and did not see each other again for 20 years when Frank Sinatra brought Dean Martin to the Muscular Dystrophy Telethon hosted by Jerry Lewis. Their time together I think would make a great and fascinating graphic novel.


A graphic novel artist who draws in the Maus or Darryl Cunningham (Putin) or Ghost World style. Not looking for anything that looks like contemporary Marvel super hero. My plan is to use the standard style of like three strips/three boxes per page as in old style comics. A lot can be done within that framework.


I would like to be the main writer of the graphic novel but will fully accept input on writing and all visuals from artist. I would particularly like an artist who has contacts within the graphic novel publishing industry and could get our work seen and appreciated (and published!).


I don't care about your age, sex, ethnicity, etc. as long as you can do the job, are good to work with, and have a good creative spirit.


I'm an author of 8 books including Crossroads: The Life and Afterlife of Blues Legend Robert Johnson, now published in four languages. I am also a successful independent publisher who published the first legitimate J.D. Salinger book (Three Early Stories -- look it up) in over 50 years. Most recently I published the critically acclaimed Lennon, the Mobster & the Lawyer by Jay Bergen about John Lennon's lawsuit entanglement with the mob-connect record mogul Morris Levy. I have written for Rolling Stone, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Oxford American, American History, and many other publications. I been around the block a few times.


I can't draw. And I think this could be an excellent graphic novel with the right partner. Please contact me at [email protected] if you might be interested. It would be great if you could show me a few samples of your work and tell me about yourself. Also it's important to know how connected you are with the publishing people because this is my first foray into graphic novels and I haven't a clue who or what to contact and you know contacts are everything is this crazy business. If you believe in the project, then I think success can be had. p.s. I've done almost every type of writing there is. Although I'm not a poet, I have written songs. I have written children's stories, a cookbook, a memoir, a novel, lots of interviews and profiles, and on and on. You get the idea. Hope to hear from you good people.

p.s. I cannot simply hire this work out. That's beyond my budget and what I can do. However, I pledge if I get a partner on this project to inject a great deal of public relations and promotional expertise in the book to make it successful.