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  • [Wanted ($)] Seeking art for graphic novel pitch

    Hello, Penciljack!

    I'm seeking an artist or team to help create enough art to pitch a graphic novel to publishers. That probably means cover art, 3-6 character designs, and 5-10 completed pages (inked, colored, lettered). If all goes well, there is of course the possibility of much more work down the road if/when we make the full thing.

    The award-winning story was originally written as a TV pilot, as my background is in film and television, but I think it may work better as a graphic novel (and I have a manager/sales agent who specifically wants to sell it as such), so I'm looking for someone to help me create the necessary artwork.

    This is a noir mystery set on a dystopian, artificial island that floats in international waters. Think Blade Runner in a semi-nautical setting. So plenty of opportunity for creative world-building, and I'm open--excited, really--about the stylistic possibilities here, too. The Black List called the script "A darkly satirical exploration of governance, class, and power," and the International Screenwriters Association said, it's "gritty, suspenseful noir reinvented."

    Full disclosure: yes, this is my first graphic novel, so I may have a learning curve on how to adapt from one medium to another, and I also have maybe an unusual request (#3 below) among the quotes, but I welcome the conversation. I'm used to creating in film, where it can often be a joint decision and we work together to come up with the best possible shot.

    If interested, please send whichever of these you'd like to be considered for to ::submissions closed::

    1. a link to your portfolio (prefer link over attachments, if possible)

    2. your page rate

    3. what you would charge per page if I want to collaborate/discuss panel breakdowns or layouts (assuming that's something you'd be willing to do)

    4. a rough estimate of the amount of time you'd need per page.

    5. time and cost for cover art, if that's in your area.

    6. time and cost for character design, if that's in your area.

    * Please note my preference is work-for-hire where I'd have unrestricted rights to use the artwork, but I'm open if you have any further stipulations on rights or ownership, and please say so in your submission.

    Thank you for considering this project!

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    Wow, such great artwork! I am genuinely thrilled and impressed with the portfolios that have been submitted!

    Thank you to the Penciljack community for the inquiries and support. We will be reaching out to people on this project shortly. Thanks again!


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      My name is Dan, comic letterer, flatter, and restorer. I'm currently available to do comic lettering. Following these links you'll get a notion of my skills, one of them takes you to a video of my Instagram account in which you can see how i basically do lettering. Enjoy!
      Lettering sample video:
      Lettering samples:

      My rate would be 25$ page, and 1 hour or so to complete a page more or less.

      If interested, you can contact me at [email protected]

      I hope you consider me for the project as a letterer!



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