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Geeky Book of Horror set for 7th July launch!

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  • [Hype!] Geeky Book of Horror set for 7th July launch!

    For Immediate Release 24/6/14
    Geeky Book of Horror – Spotlight
    Rainman by Nathan Slack

    In just under two weeks, Geeky Comics will unveil their latest venture on the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter - ‘The Geeky Book of Horror’ is an anthology for today’s legions of horror fans. The book stars some incredible talent from the indie comic marketplace – Nathan Slack (Risen) is one of those featured story tellers.

    Nathans ‘Rainman’ turns the London Gothic scene into a haven of terror. His vampric tale is a psychological story set in and around London's Camden Town Locke. Paranoia and psychosis brought on by the abuse of psychotropic drugs are the order of the day; his characters don’t know if what they’re seeing is real or not.
    “I was inspired by a local graffiti artist known only as the ‘Rainman’ – whose paint donned a shop front at the top of my road, a block of flats along the route to Trafalgar Square and a toilet cubicle in the only Goth pub in London that had a dress code. It always fascinated me – who was the Rainman?”

    Nathans’ story of obsession features a Goth girl called Sinead. Whenever she turns out the lights the Rainman is lurking in the shadows. But it’s not just the darkness she is afraid of for the Rainman appears everywhere.
    Joining three other horror writers, Jeremy Biggs, John J Robinson and award winning author Victor Wright, Nathan is sure to be a hit with the books readers.

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