Hello, fellow shoppers! I'm writing to you now to plug my retail-horror-comedy webcomic “Staff Infection” with reckless abandon! You can read it at http://MeatyOre.net for free.

Below is a list of some of the meta-tags this comic will need as the story unfolds. If any of these subjects interest you, throw money at me via the PayPal or Patron links on my site. The Patreon rewards include art-stuffs for you. I can shamelessly imitate any style you please, and will draw anything that doesn't land me in court. Feel the incentive, and enjoy!

Future “Staff-Infection” Meta-tags *spoilers*: addiction, artificial sun, big cash prizes, brainwashing, call centers, the company store, contempt-of-food-court, corporate culture, cult of conformity, cybernetics, drones, elective surgery, genetic manipulation, goo-girls, insane AI, kaiju, martial arts, mutants, obesity, orbital tethers, outsourcing, pets, pyramid schemes, Rent-a-Centaur, subjective virtual reality, third-shift, transformation, warranties