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Artist considering next project. Looking for collaborative fit with writer.

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  • [Looking for Work] Artist considering next project. Looking for collaborative fit with writer.

    Hi. I'm a published comic artist and I'm trying to determine my next project. I figured I'd post in here and see if anyone is looking for a similar arrangement and might be a good fit to work with.

    The parameters of the arrangement I'm seeking:

    1. I'm NOT looking for a page rate. I'm looking for full partnership/collaboration with a writer, including 50/50 ownership of the book and all associated rights. I have a day job and I'm not looking for a paycheck out of drawing comic books. I'm looking for a potential future payout if something I've worked on gets traction. I want to own half of whatever I'm working on from this point forward.

    2. My last project was superhero based, so I'm not really looking to dive back into that genre at the moment.

    3. Otherwise, I'm open to genre and subject matter as long as my art style works with the story.

    4. I'm not a very fast artist. I do both pencils and inks, and Pencils/inks on a single 24 page issue usually take me about 3-4 months.

    Samples of my work can be found at the following locations:

    tumblr: (mostly pinups here)
    Deviantart: (mostly pinups here)

    Sequential samples:

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    Hey, my name is Brendan Hykes, I'd certainly be interested in working with this sort of arrangement. I have number of story ideas that are about ready for artist involvement, or I would be open to starting from scratch and developing a story together. You can find some writing samples at (mostly comic scripts) or (mostly short stories), and if you'd like I can send you pdfs of a couple completed comics I wrote. I can be reached at [email protected]


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      I sent you a direct message. I'd love to chat!


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        Hi, I'm doing a kickstarter project(Starting this may). It wouldn't hurt to have a variant cover. It's not fantasy, and it's only for a variant cover. I already have artist on the project.

        Here is the Facebook page. It's called Last Words:!/pages/La...58405034287767

        Email me at [email protected] if interested.


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          Hi, I guess it's a slim chance but if you're still looking for someone feel free to contact me via email [email protected].

          My name is Rosta Viktorin and even though I've never been properly published, unfortunately, I have quite some experience (I submitted work to Greyhaven Comics, had series picked up by Venturous Publishing etc.). Looking forward to hear from you!;o)


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