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  • [Wanted] Artist for Graphic Novel

    Looking for an experienced or newly aspiring artist with interest towards work in the film industry as concept artist / storyboard artist. Currently required for the first of several graphic novel collaborations on stories derived from published author / produced screenwriter's film work. This is a new channel of revenue generation but the work will also serve as illustrations for raising film budgets and open up new opportunities in that industry. All stories have commercial viability, in a variety of genres, and writer has access to GN publishers through his own channels and through his agent. This is a viable collaboration - not a wish and a prayer job - so if you want to take those first steps to getting your work published and illustrating for new film projects too, and are okay with a bit of graft to get there - then I need you to team up with me. My work can be found on, and references for me on

    I look forward to chatting with anyone who may be interested to team up.



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    From the wording, I take it this is a "for experience only" type of gig... as in no actual pay?
    I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it. ~Pablo Picasso

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      Sadly yep that's kinda it - would love to be able to afford a straight buy out for the artwork but in this economic climate its tough. That's why have opted to try to encourage collaboration - not just "for experience only" but guess it depends on how open to working an angle an artist is. Am lucky to have both avenues to GN publishing and an agent who is also tapped in - I just have zero drawing skills. S'pose forging a working partnership that can cross platform is as much as I can offer at the moment but at least it's real - I am produced and I'm very visible in the ether - which is more than can be said of some that advertise looking to collaborate with no real track record and nothing tangible to aim for. Hope it's enough to get started.


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        I'm Interested, what are the details?
        Some of my stuff can be seen at the link below


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          Originally posted by feverish002 View Post
          I'm Interested, what are the details?
          Some of my stuff can be seen at the link below

          Thanks for coming back to me Steve - sorry the delay on reply been heavy on a film festival submission requiring subtitles - what a pain that is !

          Anyway - I like your stuff - always admire anyone who can draw and paint like that - that's so not my bag !

          Perhaps if you drop me an email to [email protected] I can give you an idea of what my thoughts are and how we can step out on this journey towards publication in what is a heavily competitive market....unless you have an angle as I do (much like Eric Red who's a contact of mine).

          Hope to chat with you in due course.




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