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  • [Wanted] Do you want to get published?

    Wanted!! Artists that are interested in getting their work published and seen.

    I am the Art Director and artist for a new book about to launch on Kickstarter about a modern Wizard of Oz. I am part of a start up company called Pirate Press LLC that is using kickstarter to launch our first book and future projects. We already have a major company laying their label behind our project and a printing company set. The book is set to go to print in July of this year and the deadline for all submitted art is June 30.

    Because we are using Kickstater, we don't have a budget to pay for additional art. The only incentive I have for artists is to see your work published and.... if your art is selected, you will receive a free PDF of the book and it goes without saying a credit in the book. I will post more details about the project when the Kickstarter launches in the next few days but what I can say for now is that the book will be art heavy and is RPG book.

    All artwork must be submitted in atleast 300 dpi in jpeg format and be black and white. You can shade the artwork in pencil, use charcoal, pen and ink, or digitally color the art as long as it is black and white only.

    I will post the different creatures that we need illustrated in this post and some of my production art as well. You are welcome to post any comments or questions, and thx for your time!

    The creatures/people we need are- Giant horned Buffalo, Dragon, Air Elemental, Fighting Trees, Giant, Frost wolf, Grisley Bear, Jaguar (or variuose big cats), Gorilla, Mountain imp, Wooly mammoth, raptor, Giant spider, Quiberon, Rhino, cror, saber tooth tiger, unicorn, large feral wolf,wizard, witch, blacksmith, bricklayer,carpenter,city guard,entertainer,farmer gambler,healer, hunter, merchant, pirate, sailor,scholar,scout,scarcrow (alive and walking), shipwright, tanner, theif,

    I will add more later...keep in mind that the art needs to reflect an Oz style.....whatever that means to you..

    some of my production work..

    Heavyweight Div....DRAWDAN.....3 time LHW Champion
    Rank- 4.....W-17.....L-5.....KO-7.......

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    Our Kickstarter page has launched and has had a tremendous response! check it out...
    Heavyweight Div....DRAWDAN.....3 time LHW Champion
    Rank- 4.....W-17.....L-5.....KO-7.......


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