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Sequential artist needed for sentai/tokusatsu inspired project

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  • [Wanted ($)] Sequential artist needed for sentai/tokusatsu inspired project

    Hello! I am looking for an artist and partial collaborator on a new comic book project. I am a published writer with an ongoing webcomic but looking to finally delve head-first into creating comics for a living, using scripts and concepts that I have been developing for many years now.

    Black/white pencils & inks
    Grayscale screentoning
    Basic character conceptualizing
    30 page commitment

    About the project:
    Heavily inspired by tokusatsu, this is a modern, mature take on a format that is generally used to sell toys to children and adult fans. It’s a story with a deeper meaning than what is typically seen on programs like Super Sentai/Power Rangers or Kamen Rider, but nonetheless uses the genre as a means of storytelling that fits within its confines. It’s much less a parody than an homage, while leaving plenty of room to be its own entity.

    The setting changes between present day and a vastly different dystopic world. The cast consists of 5 distinctive main characters that each have two different looks. There are also a small group of antagonists that range from human to monstrous or robotic.

    The initial story will be 30 pages in length with a work-for-hire contract. Upon completion of the project, there will likely be the opportunity to move on to a second contract to finish the rest of the story. The possibility of a Kickstarter being used AFTER the initial 30 pages will be discussed. This will not be a Kickstarter-reliant project.

    A vast knowledge of the genre is NOT required. In fact, until my research began and with the help of others, I had only a passing familiarity with it. However, obviously I’d like to work with someone who is enthusiastic and genuinely interested in exploring this sort of world and playing with character archetypes. There is a lot of room to be creative in the design of characters, environments, and their obligatory accessories.

    As this is influenced by Japanese media and intended to be printed in a manga digest size format, I would prefer an artist with a style that matches the medium. However, I am open to other styles, so long as there is an understanding of the typical layout and flow of manga. I’m far from an expert and I enjoy giving the artist as much freedom as possible, so I’d like to stray from explicit style dictation if possible. As long as you have a good grasp on dramatic storytelling and copious action scenes, you will be considered.

    The page rate for this project begins at $50 per completed page. For initial concept sketches, a flat $75 will be offered. This will include no more than 10 final character/environment/object sketches (NOT fully rendered unless the artist feels inclined). Payments will be made via Paypal. Depending on the number of responses I receive, potential artists may be asked to do a single rough character sketch in order to finalize a decision. This will not be compensated but will also NOT be used outside of my own personal means (no publishing, either physical or online, without express permission of the artist).

    Thanks for your interest! Email all inquiries to (PMs, forum replies, and direct messages will not be read). In order to weed out all of the automated responders, please include the words "Sentai Face Punch" in the subject.
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