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  • [Wanted ($)] Need artist for pitch.

    Need an artist who can pencil and letter five pages and a cover mock up for a pitch. If the pitch gets approved the company would also need to know you would be on board with the project for its duration, which is planned to be two issues.

    The Pitch: A knight (Graham) and a samurai (Kurosawa) hire a spy (Ian) to find them a pirate (?) that will sail them out into the ocean to meet a spaghetti western gun for hire (Sergio) and his spaceman sidekick (Gene) who plan on leaving hell. They get chased around by Kung Fu gangs, mobsters and other action sub genre mainstays. It turns out hell is literary fiction and the devil is a fat neck-beard who doesn't want to see his precious tropes go anywhere. Think that one episode of Futurama meets Planetary or The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

    Alright, so ideally I'd like someone that thinks they can bring equal parts FUN and AWESOME to the script. A bit cartoonish but still dirty and a little rough around the edges. I'm not made of money or I'd just commission the whole damn thing, but I am willing to pay for the work. In a perfect world I'd like to team up with someone who thinks this idea is the best thing ever and they just really fall in love with it and want to see it succeed. You could probably just lie to me and tell me that, though. I'd never know the difference.

    Send query's, pencil samples and page rates to my email jbwill84atgmail. Bonus points if the samples include any character type that we'd be working with in the comic. If it matters at all I've had real things published and my mom says I'm really a fantastic author.
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    Always in need of an artist.
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