Writer/self-publisher is looking for a penciler specializing in manga and anime storyboarding experience for a new digital manga project through 10WorldsStudio.com.

Our productions are digital comics intended for high-definition widescreen monitors. The story is told through a succession of single widescreen 6.4”x3.4” inked/toned panels (at 600dpi). Five panels make up a “page” and we pay $50 per page. Each episode is 10 pages (approx).

The artist needs to either work in ink, or ink his or her own works.
Payments are through PayPal and per episode on delivery and confirmation of files.
Signed NDA and Work-Made-For-Hire is mandatory before beginning, and no deposits on the first episode. After the first episode, the artist can option for a three-tier payment plan paid on completion (and approval) of layouts, final pencils, and delivery of inked pages.
This digital series is ongoing; however, the commitment is for one storyline with the option to continue on if either party so chooses.

The story is a mixture of both shonen and seinen tournament manga with supernatural/horror elements (e.g. "Bleach" and "Tenjho Tenge"). There is adult language, violence, nudity, and sexual content; lots of fan service, but not hentai (pornographic). Applicants must be of adult age and comfortable drawing adult content.

If you’re interested, please send submissions to [email protected] with “Paid Manga Assignment” in the subject line.

Applicants may be asked to provide 2-3 page samples from script.