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  • [Hype!] noob cautiously says hello

    Hype? Oh dear.

    Not sure where an appropriate introductions area is, but...Hi. I'm Jerry.

    I like to write and I like to draw. I don't know a lot about "PencilJack" but the name has come up several times regarding reading/drawing comics, so I figured let me go ahead and sign in and sample the atmosphere. I look to make friends and become part of a community.

    I haven't fully investigated the whole "pummel" thing but I'm guessing it involves pummeling, so sure, pummel or be pummeled, I'll give it a go.

    I'm currently making a webcomic at called "Webcomic Pete." If it was inappropriate to have a link in a first-post I apologize in advance and understand if it is axed.

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    Hey Jerry, welcome!

    Pummel can be a pretty fun activity. The labs are a good place to get constructive criticism and feedback and in general, it's a pretty cool place with a lot of cool people.
    See my work on Game of Thrones seasons two, three and four blurays


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      Thanks for the welcome dfbovey. Sounds good!


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