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Looking for Artist - Action/Crime/Violence series ala Boondock Saints

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  • [Wanted ($)] Looking for Artist - Action/Crime/Violence series ala Boondock Saints

    Hi there.

    I’m looking for an Artist / Inker / Colorist for an ‘Action Noir’ project that I have written. You don’t specifically have to be a noir style, nor do you have to be a combination of all the above (artist/inker/colorist) If I think your style fits the project in mind.

    To give you some context. In the short term I’m looking to put together an ‘Image-style’ pitch – 6-10 pages of sequential art, a cover and some concept/character images. Once complete the intention is to start with Image/Dark Horse etc. and move around from there.

    The project should appeal to those who like modern violent action/crime movies such as your Guy Richie style movies, Payback, Way of the Gun or (THE GREATEST MOVIE IN THE WORLD) Boondock Saints.

    In terms of remuneration. I’d like to work 50-50 on this and share the creator rights with you. That being said, I’m aware some of you have expensive cocaine and hooker habits (don’t we all?) so I’m happy to look at page rates. Equally if you like the project and we work well together we could always start at a page rate and then negotiate something more survivable for my bank account.

    Key to all this is the ability to deliver reasonably swiftly and, if the project is picked up, deliver the rest of the books on time (ish) as well (which are 6 books at 22 pages each).

    To give you some background about me. I’ve been writing professionally in a variety of fields for around 15 years – short stories, articles, screenplays etc. I’ve been writing UNprofessionally in comics for about 4. Basically I can do the word thing. I’m also a professional marketing contractor (which is what keeps me in beer and hookers) so I can do the talky talk thing.

    As with all pretentious writer types I’m protective over the writing/idea so I’ll send you the pitch overview once you get in contact (assuming you can draw and you’re not my ex wife hunting me down to sever my two remaining limbs).

    In short. You show me yours. I’ll show you mine.

    P.S. I will try not to leave you hanging if I don’t think the art is a fit for what I’m looking for but if, for whatever reason, I don’t get back to you asap then feel free to bug me as I’m probably just burying a body or something.

    P.P.S I have/will cross post this elsewhere so don’t worry if you email and see this elsewhere.

    Kind regards,

    Ant Jones, Writer (in case you hadn’t guessed the second part)

    [email protected]

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