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Seeking comic book artist for asian war story

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  • Seeking comic book artist for asian war story

    Sequential artist needed to create pilot illustrations for a graphic novel based on an Asian war hero. Applicants must submit their portfolios to [email protected].


    Should be similar (but not limited to) artists such as Mike Perkins and Steve Epting. The art for this book must project a very epic and cinematic feel; think 300, only more realistic. It’s going to be full of action (battleships exploding, heads being chopped off, etc.) and so the artist must be able to draw out detailed full-scale battle sequences. Scenery is also a very important element of this book and so the artist must be able to illustrate very vivid and surreal settings and backgrounds.


    This is a twelve-issue limited series that tells the story of Admiral Yi Soon Shin, a warrior of real and epic proportions sworn by duty and honor to protect his people at all costs from the devastating and brutal Japanese regime that threatens to conquer his country. Having never been defeated in battle despite being vastly outnumbered, Yi Soon Shin has gone down in history as one of most brilliant and revered military leaders.


    Compensation is negotiable and artists will be fully credited for their work.

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    thats a very high level of skill your looking for, i doubt artists that good post in forums, because they are probably already being published by marvel or dc...

    Steve Epting:

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