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  • [Looking for Work] Professional illustrator

    Greetings comic book writers, publishers, et al.-
    My name is Robert Keough. A professional illustrator/designer located in the U.S. (Massachusetts) whose talent, style and creative capabilities range from animation, storytelling, art directing, UX design, desktop publishing, promotion, marketing, and comic books.

    I have worked either full-time or contractually with a variety of companies and clients dealing with multimedia, education, commercial, merchandising, broadcasting, etc. My primary software tools are Flash and Photoshop, as well as other basic creative medium and applications.

    This post is an obvious promotion of my talent, skills and work. I've attributed illustrations to a variety of storytelling genres; superhero, action, crime, drama, humor, kids, etc.
    I have experience in character designing.
    I have recently wrapped up a penciling gig on a completed limited series entitled "The Mushroom Murders" published via Creator's Edge Press ( and another that will be published via ComixTribe ( entitled "Bullet Time". The former title in which I designed the principal characters, the latter title I came on board during its third issue as a replacement penciler.

    In a related topic, I have years of experience as a comic strip artist. Some projects are in development. Compilations from various features can be found at

    If you are a serious comic book/graphic novel creator looking for a visual collaborator, or just an artist for hire, then I am available. No "back end" deals or "pro bono/spec" projects. As a professional freelance illustrator I work for a living and cannot afford to invest my time, energy, and skills to any vanity vehicles with no guarantee of financial return. "Been there/Done that," so to speak.
    Writers/Creators with a legitimate published background a plus. Small, independent publications impress me just as much as Marvel or DC. Realistically speaking, anyone who has a readership that goes beyond friends and family and is looking to get their next graphic novel up and running, I may be an artist you want on board for your project. Pencils, inks, colors, or all three. Whatever.

    I tried linking to some sample artwork, but image coding on this forum is unpredictable.
    Easier to have direct connections.
    The following are various online locations where you can check out my portfolio and style:
    - My comic book portfolio at
    - My Coroflot account at
    - My Behance account at
    - My Elance comics portfolio at
    If you need any more information, such as my page rates, please let me know.

    The easiest way of contacting me is via my email address (listed below). If you perceive my style and talent could be utilized for your project, then I look forward to communicating with you. If not, then may good fortune be with your endeavors.

    Thank you for your time.

    Robert Keough
    [email protected]
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