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    As you will be aware, next year is the centenary of the start of WW1, and the UK is likely to be blitzed by a shed load of jingoistic rubbish 'celebrating our boys' achievements at the front' etc etc rather than condemning their mass murder.

    The idea of this anthology is therefore to explode some of the myths of the Great War and/or tell some of the untold stories. Since there have only ever been three graphic 'novels' about this war, there is plenty of scope, not only for subject matter but also for how the story is told and where it goes, even into the realms of fantasy. On the other hand, one of those is the 'Charley's War' series, which raises the bar we have to clear incredibly high!

    We have many stories already on the way to completion, but below is a list of areas we are still keen to cover. We are also very keen to look at anything from the 'enemy's' point of view. On top of that, we are more than happy to consider any alternatives of particular excitement to yourself, particularly if they are NOT about trench warfare.

    There are two 'hands-on' editors, Brick and myself, Jonathan Clode, but were are extremely lucky to have the legendary Pat Mills (he of 'Charley's War') on board as a guiding light. We will happily steer you through and sort out a suitable illustrator (unless you draw).

    - women at war (who fought)
    - POWs (they were given the freedom to 'roam')
    - the machinery of war
    - inventors (the wife of the German who 'invented' chlorine gas for the war shot herself in disgust!)
    - Lord Haig and the way the war was fought
    - pigeons at war (apparently the German pigeons were crap. Why?

    It is imperative you research your story thoroughly (there are some very nerdy WW1 buffs out there) but where you take it is totally up to you. Surprise us! The length is around eight pages or more, but start by sending us no more than two ideas as a paragraph per idea.

    Please contact [email protected]

    Many Thanks and hope to hear from some of you!
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