Hi everybody,

An artist and I (a writer) are working on a proposal which is planned to go live on April 15th. This is for a single issue that will hopefully evolve into a series; the issue will have one 18 page story, one 6 page story, and sections with sketches and prose thrown in the gaps of a 32-page comic. We need to line up a colorist for the interiors - we may have someone for the cover, but I'm not sure about that yet anyway.

We are hoping to have some of the six-page story finished before launch. The pencils are done, and the artist is going to ink some before the project; we'd like to have two or so colored to show examples in the Kickstarter video and proposal.

The story isn't something I want to go into here, but it's set in Hell and would have a more colorful noir vibe - the palette of the city I'm creating is mainly pinks, oranges and black. I'm finalizing dialogue on the 6-page comic and working on the 18-page script right now, but anything I have I can send and can shoot you the pencils for a look. Get in touch via private message here; throw us examples and what you might want out of a proposal financially.

Ideally we'd be able to find someone who believes in the story etc., and might want to sign on for a bigger run. But mercenaries are cool too, haha.