There is a new comic featured on Kickstarter called Roadkill DuJour. The story is about a Biker that haunts the roads deep in the bayou longing for his dead gang and family. The only one left, he is cursed to only eat roadkill forcing him to take on the monstrous form of the creature he devours. On an old school harley, he chases the spirit of his dead wife imprisoned by an evil Voodoo Witch Doctor. The story reads like Ghost Rider meets Swampthing meets 70s exploitation films in the fine film tradition of Gator.

The Story is written by Kevin LaPorte, known for Co-Creating Clown Town. A comic about killer clowns avenging child abuse victims. The Book is Pencilled and Inked by Shawn Harbin known for his work on The Dungeon Comic- a fantasy/horror/mystery mini series with an abundance of Monsters, hot babes, and witty banter. Colors are by Laura Guzzo who is a phenominal artist in her own right having worked on the cover of Shakespeare Shaken which Shawn also worked on interiors. this looks to be a really great project and please take the time to check out the kick starter pages or their respective websites. It would be much appreciated.