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Comic Artist Looking for Paid Work...immediately, and at new rates!

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  • [Looking for Work] Comic Artist Looking for Paid Work...immediately, and at new rates!


    I am a comic artist based in Ottawa, and I have been working professionally for one year. In that year I have produced a great amount of pages, and have grown a great deal as an artist. I currently have 3 projects I have drawn being pitched to publishers, and a number of others available online and at my con-tables.

    I currently have a month off between projects and need to get something going on in the very near future. I have lowered my rates as I was having some difficulty finding serious work in a quick manor. I have lowered my rates due to this, with an earmarking being I am looking for a gig in the near near future. I also love action, tech, expressions and establishing shots. I have a certain talent with a brush and ink so I prefer to ink my one art, but don’t despair, I render the hell outta my work, using old school traditional methods in a clean distinguished style.

    Page Rates:

    Penciled and Inked Page: $60

    What I am looking for:

    Work in the near, near future. I have a gap in my schedule that I need to fill like a hole in a dam, and thus, offering really really competative rates. I am willing to take a pay cut for some immediate gig. I have a list of references that will speak to my dedication and ability to meet deadlines, and maintain great communication and accept feedback throughout the process of creating your pages.

    A reliable writer with a reasonable response time for quandaries. You’re either a writer who has a distinct vision for the universe you’ve created, or you’re a writer who gives a bit of leeway to the artist in a world we’ll create, but a leeway that is of course bolstered by a general impression of things you’d like conveyed. While I love either type, if your are the former, please be ready for, and give timely answer to, questions about said distinct world. I’ll have a million of them! I am an artist that takes creative direction in stride. If you’re the latter type, please be ready for, and give timely feedback to, ideas for said world. I’ll have a million of them! I am an idea machine, and idea-dynamo even.

    -Commissions! If you don’t have a project, but dig my work, I’d be more than ecstatic to draw a character sketch or the like. Hey, if the gaps in my schedule persist long enough, I may get bored and colour your black and white sketch in my free time (har har, pun intended...ish) like I did for for this commish:

    What I am not looking for:

    Lettering. Please, I am a penciller/inker, I don’t want to letter your comic, or nearly any comic I draw. It S a talent, and it’s not something I have a discernible passion for, let alone have time for, so far as “rewrites” or “tweaks” are concerned. SFX? Yes, I love doing sound effects! “On page,” infact I love it and consider it a highlight of the medium, oft under-utilized.. I don’t want to letter, there are betters than myself available for a fraction of what they’re worth.

    -Back. End. Deals. No thank you. I’ve paid my dues, and worked professionally as a storyboard artist (Clean Fight for CBC/APTN, a short for Bravo). If I am going to be working for someone for free, it’s going to be myself.


    [email protected]

    I have provided a short collection of recent work to show my range, abilities and the like. Everything coloured by myself unless otherwise noted. No, I don’t wanna colour, I am far too slow at it to make it feasible.

    Deja Nu

    Solitouns Agency (I know, I know, people don’t like “halos,” but i’ve been on a chris bachalo kick!)


    The Cured (a creator owned short. First page coloured by Betivu Eugen, second page by myself.)

    The Underground:


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    Commission Inquiries [email protected]

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