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  • [Wanted] Looking For Colorist!

    Hello. My name is Adam Markiewicz, writer and illustrator on a webcomic called Trench Coat Samurai.

    I'm looking to submit a comic to Comixology, and I need a colorist to help me out. I can offer a small fee up front (it's out of my pocket, and I don't have much to offer- $150-200, somewhere around there), but this is mainly a back end sort of deal. A percentage of profits (if there are any). Ideally, I need someone who can do sort of a Lynn Varley/ Richmond Lewis painterly style. First issue is 18 pages.

    Here's a sample page:

    You can see some of my mediocre color work at (which might give you an idea of the look I'm trying to achieve with this). You can also see more of my work at and

    If you're interested, email me at [email protected]

    I look forward to hearing from you!

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    I've gotten a lot of responses, but I want everyone to know the position is still available.


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      Thanks for all the submissions, everyone. I've found my colorist.

      Thank you again.


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