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Need a writer for a 6-page all-ages mini-comic

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  • [Wanted] Need a writer for a 6-page all-ages mini-comic

    Hey everyone, I got invited to do a Free Comic Book Day event in May. The problem is, FCBD is normally a kid-friendly event and I don't have anything kid-friendly to give away or sell.

    What I'd like to do is make an eight-page all-ages mini-comic and print them up myself at Staples. I already have a two-page story that I did for Slave Labor Graphics a few years ago (page one - page two) so I'm going to put those in as a back-up story. All I need are six pages to round this out and I'll have something to give away.

    Ideally I'd like this to be a stand-alone story. It can be something with already existing characters of yours, but I don't want any "to be continued"s or anything. Just a quick six-page self-contained story. There's no money to be made from this, but I'll send you all the hi-res files so you can print off your own copies if you plan on doing a FCBD event (I'll probably throw the PDF on my website for free too).

    Remember that this will be a mini-comic (5.5" x 8.5"), so that limits the number of panels and dialogue that can be on a page. If you have an idea for this, let me know so we can get this started.
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    Thank you to those who replied here and on dA! Red Fox sent me a script which I will be using.
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