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Instruments of Darkness, let the darkness envelop you.

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  • [Hype!] Instruments of Darkness, let the darkness envelop you.

    Come check out the latest page from the dark fantasy series Instruments of Darkness: Ghosts of the Great Forest. A vampire and werewolf story set in ancient Mexico. Vampires rule the Mayan city of Chitchen Itza and worship Cinzin the Stinking One, lord of the underworld in the caverns of Xilbaba, the place of fear.

    Follow Hunts-in-the-Dark our hero an Apache warrior from the New Mexico Badlands and Nashota a 4000 year old werewolf who's parents made the crossing from Asia, across the Bering land bridge to make a new life for themselves away from the harshness of the Mongolian Steppes. They make an unlikely duo, vampire and werewolf but they have to work together if they are to stop the madness of the leaders of the Cult of Camazotz as they gear up to open the gates of Mictlan and cause the destruction of humanity.

    Like our page and keep updated with this exciting project!

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