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  • [Looking for Work] Published B&W artist available

    Pen and ink artist available for RPG or short comic work. Prices from $20-$125.
    Visit my gallery at

    Click the link on the left of the homepage to see all albums.

    I have done horror, fantasy and science fiction artwork in the role playing game industry for Fasa (Battletech, Mechwarrior, Shadowrun, Earthdawn), Chaosium (the H. P. Lovecraft based Call of Cthulhu and the Michael Moorcock based Elric), TSR (Dungeons and Dragons), Fantasy flight (DiskWars), Dark Conspiracy for GDW, Whispering Vault for Pariah Press, Robotech for Palladium, Unknown Armies (Atlas Games), West End Games and others. I have illustrated books for Cemetery Dance, Chaosium, Gryphon and Subterranean Press, and covers for The Fandom Directory. In the comic book world he's had work published by Dark Horse Comics, Comiczone, Now, Innovation and DC Comics Paradox. My artwork was also featured as background in the series finale of the TV show Supernatural "Let it Bleed".

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