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No pay, comic book uninverse job!!!!

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    Originally posted by BPS Morganza View Post
    I'm so tempted.
    Well, someone else said it may be a good idea to offer pay in the future, or if it goes well, like a month after its released


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      I'm kind of fkoucusing on another project at the moment, but I will keep going with this, speaking of which, does a captain proton comic sound good


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        To any normal user or good writer/artist reading this go to my captain proton thread for any admin this idea is canceled, for now


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          Originally posted by Jcatlett76 View Post
          I can get no pay sitting on my ass.
          I laughed so hard at this.

          Zachwhit, if you want to get people excited to draw your comic for no money, it might do you good to talk it up a little bit and tell us why it should be worth our time. If you have a genuinely unique comic idea, you might inspire someone to work for free because they believe in the project. You will inspire no one to do anything if you offer no pay and won't give people any info on your comic idea.
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            If you don't plan on compensating an artist for bringing your vague, mediocre idea to life, take a hike.
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              I HAVE to go find this Captain Proton thread now.

              I'm guessing it's gonna say 'so, yeah, a Captain Proton comic. Sound good? I need an artist - and I'm not paying. Email me if you're interested'.
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