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    I'm a writer and as most writers are I'm looking for an artist (inker, penciler, colorist, cover artist, pin up artist, ect)...this is a nonpaying gig until after it gets published (I'm looking to self publish and I've found a few places online and off line that would sell the comic) is some info about the story.

    The name of the story is Venus.

    The story is about a young woman by the name of Lana Knightly...she is wealthy due to her parent's death in a fire and leaving her the family company...she has been in kick boxing and martial arts since she was 10, she joined the military at 18 and was shot in Iraq before being sent to Japan before being discharged...she is hosting a charity art expo when she meets a man who calls himself Death Lock...he tries to kill an orphan, but Lana stopped him only to be shot, stabbed, and kicked across the room before the police showed up...while in the hospital she vows to stop Death Lock and anyone else who may cause the city harm.

    If interested email me with a link to your or samples of your work at [email protected] I have #0-#2 done and working on #3.


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