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  • [Hype!] Pulpline Magazine

    I use "magazine" in the loosest sense of the word.

    This is the latest and greatest project I have been working on: a webzine-blog with the sole purpose of generating original prose content for the web. Aside from Fan-Fiction (which is very hit-or-miss most of the time), there is not a lot of this content online. I want to throw-back to the days of pulp serialization, and to that purpose I created Pulpline Magazine.

    You can visit the site here:

    If you feel so inclined, you can visit the FB page and give us a "like": or follow us on Twitter for all our latest updates:

    We feature Science Fiction, Fantasy and anything in between. We also integrate art into the stories (not quite on the level of comics) and include the 'Bloc's own 1peace as one of our artists (responsible for the Triptych banner, as well as a few upcoming pieces).

    So check it out and hopefully you'll stick around for more in the future.

    And hey, it's free!

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    Just an update: we've expanded our content, now including 6 (count 'em, SIX) ongoing serials and 3 columns. We're still looking for artistic contributions, so anyone who is interested just let us now!


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