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Cheap bust Commissions, $5 dollars to help fund my Love Story.

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  • [Looking for Work] Cheap bust Commissions, $5 dollars to help fund my Love Story.

    Hey guys, I am currently in a Long distance Relationship that will hit the one year point in May. And I have yet to meet him in real life yet. So, this may, as an anniversary gift/birthday gift to him, I am flying 5000 miles to Ireland to see him. I am super excited but as the months draw closer I need to make an extra push to raise the money needed.

    Thus for 5 USD sent over Paypal, I shall draw a bust image of your favorite character, OC or otherwise. Reference image or not, I can work with just description and have a lot of con experience from designing on the spot from description.

    If anyone is interested let me know, especially if you have an extra 5 dollars floating around to put towards two lovebirds finally getting to meet. Have a lovely night everyone, and wish me luck on this financial endeavor.

    -A hopeless romantic
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    I checked out your DA. Good stuff. You should throw a few examples in this thread though because half of us won't leave the page. As a romantic Irishman and a boy with a ladys birthday coming up I may have an idea for you to draw up. It may turn into a ten or 15$ drawing but I'm ok with that. Go ahead and contact me privately and we can chat about it.


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