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  • [Hype!] Help fund "VKE: Volume 1" at

    Help fund "VKE: Volume 1" at

    The overall story of VIKE is about five lost vikings trying to survive a journey back home as they cross various lands filled with dangerous enemies, hostile savages, and wild beasts. The story is centered around Kol, the youngest of the five vikings, who is still learning the ways of traveling warrior vikings. As the series progresses, the group will encounter many challenges – physical and mental – but the desire to make it back home fuels each of them.

    WE HAVE TO START SOMEWHERE: VIKE, was meant to be a monthly comic series but due to publishing costs and the fact we are on our own, we have decided to put the entire first arch into one volume, "VIKE, Volume 1: The Island of Stol" (100 pages). In this first volume, you will learn a lot about the world of VIKE and the cast of, KOL, AIRIK, POLLO, VIGNUS, and BROEDEE. This first volume will give readers a complete sense of these five vikings and the reason why each of them wants to get back to their homeland. The journey of Kol, Pollo, Vignus, Airik and Broedee begins with their clan, the "Lognorf Clan", in a battle with an enemy clan, while attempting to find a treasure on an island that is currently inhabited with a rival viking clan. When the Lognorfs are force to retreat, our five heroes are left behind and now need to find their own way back home. Our heroes will be trapped on the "Island of Stol" with an enemy Viking army. Now our heroes must figure out a way to get off the island before they are discovered and killed, or even worse... captured.

    This first arch is only the beginning of VIKE as we have many stories to tell. (don't worry it is in fact a complete story) In total, you will be Kickstarting the beginning of what we hope is a successful franchise.

    As VIKE progresses the journey back home will test the five vikings morals, beliefs, and combat capabilities. They will all have to make choices throughout the story. Some of the choices they make will better themselves as well as the group, while other choices may only be beneficial to themselves or only the group. Each viking will show what they are truly made of as the story progresses. They will each take on a different role that will be crucial to the groups survival as they journey back home.

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